DATE: 4th September 2020

Report No.: 001

Table Of Contents

<aside> 📌 Thank you for your interest in the Makerpad Fund. This is our first Investor Report. Should you become an investor in the Makerpad Fund, you will receive a monthly investment report about the companies we are meeting and investing in, plus a quarterly report focused more broadly on what we see in the marketplace, trends and updates.

As we are pre-investment the tone of this reports is more a foundational overview of the category, the segments within it and the future possibility of it all.

Please reach out if you have any questions!


Our Thesis

We wanted to take the opportunity to expand on our investment thesis in the no-code catagory by giving you a foundational understanding of what we see in the global catagory and why we think this is such an exciting segment to be working within, focused on and investing in.

Our Fund's Thesis

The next big shift in the internet revolution is 'no-code/low-code'. Many people misunderstand its meaning, but the importance of democratising software development is understood widely. We no longer code in 0's and 1's. No-code/low-code is the next abstraction layer which unlocks the potential for everyone to build on the internet.

This belief has driven the creation of this fund and helped shape the way I will invest. I'm going to be investing small checks, across a wide variety of early-stage companies in the space who have a lead investor (I can also help with intro's).

We see some exciting trends in the no-code/ low-code category & that is what has lead to us wanting to build an investment fund focused purely in this space.

The Basics ****

Software that creates an abstraction layer to make using and building with is not new. Wordpress and Shopify has spent a good part of the past decade building exactly this kind of service. What is new is the exponential growth of the kinds of software, focused areas of this software and the broad accessibility to it by anyone, anywhere. You can see a brief history of why it's taken until now here & here.